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PodMed – Week of September 29, 2014

September 26, 2014


This week’s topics include the effect of education on prenatal testing, Ebola estimates, varicose vein therapy, and PET scanning to diagnose lung cancer.

Program notes:

0:40 Ebola update
1:40 Numbers of cases doubling every 20-30 days
2:40 Body prepared by a relative
3:17 PET scanning for lung cancer
4:16 Generally very accurate
5:16 Only slightly better than 50:50
5:49 Education and uptake of prenatal testing
6:50 Looked at computerized interactive guide and free testing
7:51 Can be done effectively without direct involvement of healthcare person
8:13 Treatment of varicose veins
9:13 Laser appears best
10:34 End

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