PodMed – Week of September 4, 2017


Clogged artery low angled view shown with a cut out section displaying fat deposits and a formed clot. High quality rendering with original hand painted textures and global illumination with great detail.

This week’s topics include the right medications for a subset of people with heart disease, the PURE study, inflammation and heart disease, and the impact of neighborhoods on cardiovascular disease.

Program notes:
0:47 PURE study
1:47 Fats and animal protein associated with lower mortality
2:47 Goes against years of research
3:31 Inflammation and CVD
4:32 Had high C-reactive protein
5:31 Not cost effective
6:00 Dual or triple therapy?
7:00 Using just two agents reduced bleeding risk
7:30 Your neighborhood and CVD
8:30 SES not in any risk model
9:30 Tied to quality of care
10:32 End
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