PodMed – Week of September 5, 2016


A yellow street warning sign for the Zika Virus. Vector EPS 10 available.

This week’s topics include ICD impact, a model for Zika drug screening, depression identification and treatment, and whether CPAP helps.

Program notes:

0:40 ICDs in some people with heart failure
1:40 Not helpful with overall death
2:40 If you can avoid it would help
3:00 CPAP and cardiovascular disease
4:01 3.7 years of follow up
5:02 Real world use wasn’t that beneficial
6:02 Depression screening and treatment
7:01 One fifth had serious psychological distress
7:56 Screening existing drugs for Zika
8:57 Identified two drugs that prevent cell death
9:50 Involved with development
10:38 End

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