Pulse – October 2018


Program notes:

o:17 Five leadership skills
1:17 Is that a practice?
2:17 Rise above the chaos
3:16 People who are afraid they aren't qualified to lead
4:16 Collaborative creativity
5:16 Once you get comfortable with hard skills
6:16 Softer skills
7:15 Met a lot of leaders who are about the 'I' statement
8:15 No organization is about one person
9:14 Your need to know and recognize your need to collaborate
10:14 My purpose comes from a young man
11:12 How to develop trust
12:15 Never drive a red Maserati
13:15 There are people who are crossing the thresholds
14:11 I'm proud of the fact that I'm a nurse
15:12 At the end of the day the challenges continue
16:31 End