Safety of Acetaminophen


Anchor lead: Should women use acetaminophen during pregnancy? Elizabeth Tracey reports

Pain relief during pregnancy is a problem, as everyone is reluctant to expose a developing child to drugs that may have negative consequences. Now a study by Xiaobin Wang, a pediatrician and researcher at Johns Hopkins, and colleagues brings up questions about the safety of acetaminophen, marketed as Tylenol, because it shows an association between its use and both ADHD and autism.

Wang: For a long time acetaminophen use has been regarded as a safe medication for minor aches, pains and fevers for women during pregnancy. This study just adds another piece of concern. Before more studies can be done to be certain whether there is or is no association health care providers and parents should consider the benefits and also the potential risks associated with acetaminophen use in pregnancy.   :32

At Johns Hopkins, I’m Elizabeth Tracey.