September 28, 2018 – TMS versus TDCS


Anchor lead: Can delivering stimulation across the skull help depression? Elizabeth Tracey reports

Depression can be very hard to treat. Now a technique called transcranial magnetic stimulation or TMS appears to hold some promise. Kyrana Tsapkini, a researcher at Johns Hopkins who is using another type of transcranial stimulation called TDCS for speech disorders, says it’s important to make the distinction.

Tsapkini: TMS is a magnetic stimulation it is very much more expensive machine. It really targets particular areas of the brain. Cannot do it at home. Seems a great tool for depression. TDCS is a much easier to use machine. Can be an adjunct to regular speech therapists office.  :19

Some people have attempted to use TDCS for depression.

Tsapkini: It has to do in my opinion with a little bit of despair in the field of good medications that are available. So they’re really desperate and anything may help. :11

Tsapkini urges anyone with depression to seek help for the condition rather than attempt to treat it themselves. At Johns Hopkins, I’m Elizabeth Tracey.