September 29, 2016 – Stomach Shrinking


Anchor lead:  A new minimally invasive technique helps reduce stomach volume, Elizabeth Tracey reports

Gastric bypass surgery has historically been the best choice for weight loss, but newer and much less invasive techniques are continuously being developed.  Tony Kalloo, director of gastroenterology at Johns Hopkins, says one new minimally invasive or endoscopic approach reduces stomach volume similarly to one type of traditional surgery known as gastric sleeve.

Kalloo: The other new endoscopic technique is actually one that doesn’t require devices but one in which we place stitches inside of the stomach so part of the stomach is actually closed off, just like you would do with a gastric sleeve procedure, which the bariatric surgeons would do. Except there are no incisions, it’s all done through the endoscope. We place the stitches in, the stomach is now a smaller pouch, and therefore patients eat less and lose weight.   :28

Kalloo says anyone who is considering weight loss surgery should carefully investigate all their options as well as undergo evaluation for which techniques are most appropriate for them. At Johns Hopkins, I’m Elizabeth Tracey.