Should you buy mind-altering substances in a gas station? Elizabeth Tracey reports


Gas station heroin. That’s the popular moniker for tianeptine, a drug being marketed under various names in convenience stores, gas stations and smoke shops, as well as online. Substance use disorder expert Michael Fingerhood at Johns Hopkins says just like one of it’s predecessors, kratom, there are dangers associated with tianeptine’s use.

Fingerhood: The same is true for this new thing tianeptine.  Tianeptine is a drug that is approved as an antidepressant mostly used in Eastern Europe and I don't know how it made its way here. There's always someone looking for an in with business. There was a patient admitted using this tianeptine stuff who had pretty profound withdrawal and was pretty sick, there's psychosis with it as well. And even like what we call it's a misnomer bath salts which are these cathinones they're also sold at gas stations, as are synthetic cannabinoids.  :31

Fingerhood says the best advice for these substances is steer clear. They’re not regulated by anyone. At Johns Hopkins, I’m Elizabeth Tracey.