Should you intentionally get infected with Covid to boost your immunity? Elizabeth Tracey reports


Used to be that moms would intentionally expose their children to chicken pox so they would develop immunity. Now some are wondering if they’ve already had Covid-19 or have had an immunization or two, would exposure ramp up their immune response? Johns Hopkins physician Sherita Golden answers emphatically no.

Golden: There is the question about, well, I’ve gotten Covid or I got my first two shots, but I haven’t gotten a booster. Should I just go and try and get Covid, and then I have like superimmunity. We don’t want to do that. There’s something called long Covid where people are still having trouble with breathing, trouble with their heart, trouble with their physical endurance and energy, months and months and months after getting Covid-19. If you have had Covid previously, a mild case, long Covid isn’t necessarily linked to how severe the case of Covid was.  :33

Golden says following vaccine recommendations is by far your best strategy. At Johns Hopkins, I’m Elizabeth Tracey.