Should you receive a fourth dose of a Covid vaccine? Elizabeth Tracey reports


Even as some people continue to avoid vaccination against Covid-19 altogether, others are weighing whether they should have a fourth dose, as the FDA has recently said is okay for some groups of people. Johns Hopkins infectious disease expert Lisa Maragakis explains why a fourth dose may be a good idea.

Maragakis: This question about the fourth booster is a burning question that a lot of people have. Vaccines are incredibly helpful to protect people, even though sometimes you can still get the virus, what we do know is being vaccinated protects you from getting severe illness, from ending up in the hospital, and dying, unfortunately, as so many people have from this virus. The boosters come into play because we know that even though the vaccine teaches our immune system to fight the virus, that effect seems to go down or decline over time.  :35

Maragakis recommends asking your primary care doctor if you’re a candidate. At Johns Hopkins, I’m Elizabeth Tracey.