Sudden Decline


Anchor lead: Why do some people with COVID-19 decline so suddenly? Elizabeth Tracey reports

COVID-19 infection is challenging from a number of clinical perspectives, not least of which is that in some people who seem to be getting better, things may suddenly and dramatically get far worse. Lisa Maragakis, director of infection control at Johns Hopkins, comments.

Maragakis: We’re not sure exactly why this happens. In some cases it may be other organs become involved in the infection and cause the worsening clinical picture. Sometimes this is known to be infection of the heart muscle or multiorgan failure in the setting of the low oxygen levels. Certainly vigilance even for those who are recovering at home or who have been admitted to the hospital and then been discharged we have to be vigilant that even after they seem to have recovered that they may have that clinical worsening.  :31

Maragakis advises that anyone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 needs to be aware of this possibility and should seek immediate care. At Johns Hopkins, I’m Elizabeth Tracey.