Targeting Messages


Anchor lead: What can be done to help minority populations avoid COVID-19 infection? Elizabeth Tracey reports

Minority groups are experiencing increased risk for COVID-19 disease and death, US data show, with the CDC set to release numbers some time in May. For now, Sherita Golden, Johns Hopkins vice president and chief diversity officer, says developing specific messaging to help these communities understand their risk is key.

Golden: We really have to take the social distancing seriously. We need to reduce the stigma associated with having the illness. So that people don’t feel embarrassed and feel empowered to go get medical treatment if they’re not doing well because that’s also going to prevent them from exposing other people. Not hiding symptoms and honestly telling other friends and family that they are symptomatic so they can seek treatment and quarantine appropriately. Some of the responsibility lies with us as an overall community and a public health system to really address those social conditions that continue to put these populations at risk.   :34

At Johns Hopkins, I’m Elizabeth Tracey.