The benefits of an app to manage people after they’ve had a heart attack are becoming clearer, Elizabeth Tracey reports


Corrie is the name of an app developed by Johns Hopkins and Apple to enable people who’ve had a heart attack become informed, active participants in their own care, and that’s just what the most recent data show. Seth Martin, one of the app’s developers and a cardiologist at Hopkins, explains.

Martin: We’re testing the ability of the app to empower patients to follow everything that we know works. They’ve had a heart attack and the question is what’s next and that’s where Corrie came in. And so what we’ve found first of all that patients using the Corrie app had very high levels of patient activation and what means is a high level of confidence that our patients know what they need to do to be successful, so that’s your medications to lower cholesterol and control your blood pressure, and antiplatelet medicines to prevent stickiness of the blood.  :32

Martin anticipates wider availability of the app and additional positive results of ongoing studies on its use. At Johns Hopkins, I’m Elizabeth Tracey.