The pandemic brought a dramatic rise in type 2 diabetes in kids, Elizabeth Tracey reports


Rates of type 2 diabetes among those younger than 18 increased by 77% during the pandemic, research led by Sheela Magge, a pediatric endocrinology expert at Johns Hopkins, and colleagues has shown. Magge says reasons for the increase may be multiple.

Magge: Why did we see more type 2 diabetes now? We in general have seen what seems to be more obesity during the pandemic, with more kids being sedentary, we’re in quarantine, especially initially where everything just shut down. So many of my patients who have excess weight, at least when they were in school they’re still walking around, up and down stairs, to and from classes, to and from school, but with the pandemic you had a halt to everything. They’re really on the screens all day, physical activity was gone, much more sedentary lifestyle.  :32

Magge says that type 2 diabetes is also known to be associated with cardiovascular disease over time, so the earlier it develops the more dire its consequences may be. At Johns Hopkins, I’m Elizabeth Tracey.