There is some protection against Omicron with current vaccines, Elizabeth Tracey reports


If you’ve had three doses of an mRNA vaccine against Covid you are much less likely to require hospitalization, require ICU level care, or die from Covid-19, even with the now dominant Omicron variant, than if you aren’t vaccinated at all. Anna Durbin, an infectious disease expert at Johns Hopkins, explains.

Durbin: With Omicron the mutations make it more of an escape. The antibodies prevent infection and its incredibly difficult for any vaccine to prevent a respiratory infection, so it’s not surprising that we’re seeing far less efficacy against infection with Omicron and that we’re seeing more disease and I think what’s really important to note is that we still see some good protection against severe disease even in those who have not been boosted yet.  :31

Durbin notes that those who are eligible for their third dose should get it as soon as possible. At Johns Hopkins, I’m Elizabeth Tracey.