What if you’re hungry when you want to exercise?


Does your stomach ever start growling as you get ready to exercise? What should you do: eat or exercise on an empty stomach? Johns Hopkins dietitian Kathleen Johnson says it’s best to stop eating about two hours before your workout. But you still need to get energy for your exercise. For those who exercise in the evening, she suggests midafternoon as a good time to focus on nutritious choices. For instance, if you want a snack, choose something small that combines a complex carbohydrate with some protein. Peanut butter and a banana or yogurt with granola are examples. And, she says, stick with what you know. If your gym offers exotic smoothies with ingredients you’ve never eaten before, pick another time to try them, especially if you’re prone to gas and bloating. For more details, check out “Fuel Your Fitness” on hopkinsmedicine.org.