What is the health impact of cardiovascular kidney metabolic syndrome? Elizabeth Tracey reports


Johns Hopkins cardiologist Chiadi Ndumele is chair of the American Heart Association’s writing committee for new guidelines on what is being called ‘CKM syndrome,’  for cardiovascular kidney metabolic syndrome, and chances are good you or someone you love will be hearing about it soon. Ndumele says that’s for good reason.

Ndumele: The most concerning impact is premature cardiovascular disease and premature mortality that's primarily due to cardiovascular disease. It's also something that is disproportionately prevalent among those individuals with more adverse social determinants of health. As a result of that it's actually a major contributor to health disparities in the population, also something that's occurring increasingly in younger and younger individuals.  :30

Ndumele says taking this holistic approach should enable earlier recognition and more effective management. At Johns Hopkins, I’m Elizabeth Tracey.