What’s the best way to integrate weights into your exercise routine? Elizabeth Tracey reports


Even if you’re very physically active, utilizing weights as part of your fitness routine will provide additional health benefits, the latest research shows. Exercise and cardiovascular health expert Kerry Stewart at Johns Hopkins says steps to utilize weight are straightforward.

Stewart: You should use either a weight or a band during exercise. When you can do 15 repetitions you're lifting a weight you should be able to lift it 15 times where at the 15th rep it's really getting hard and repeat that twice. 15 reps of two sets of whatever exercise it is either with bands or a weight machine is the general rule of thumb to get health benefits of weight lifting or resistance training. Start at 5 pounds but if 5 pounds is easy then go on to something that gets you the 15th lift now you really starting to feel like 16 would be tough. :35

Stewart says you’ll reap benefits from doing this twice per week. At Johns Hopkins, I’m Elizabeth Tracey.