Will long Covid respond to strategies used for ME/CFS? Elizabeth Tracey reports


Long Covid is being used to describe continued fatigue, pain, and impaired cognition following Covid-19 infection. Peter Rowe, a ME/CFS expert at Johns Hopkins, says these two conditions may be one and the same, and there are at least two strategies that can be tried to help.

Rowe: One other thing that we’ve found in the patients with prolonged Covid symptoms that merge into ME/CFS is that they have a huge burden of allergic inflammation. Recurrent oral allergy syndrome, with exposure to certain foods or pollens. Recurrent hives. We’re treating them with drugs you would normally use for allergic inflammation like regular antihistamines and a number of other treatments that are in that category. So some of the patients have had improvements as we’re addressed the allergic inflammation, others have had improvements if you treat their circulatory problem.  :33

Rowe says seeking someone with ME/CFS expertise may be wise if you’re not responding to other modalities in managing long Covid. At Johns Hopkins, I’m Elizabeth Tracey.