Will there be a rebound effect among first responders as the pandemic tapers off? Elizabeth Tracey reports


First responders and frontline workers have largely soldiered on during these last two years as covid continues to morph. Karen Swartz, a psychiatrist at Johns Hopkins, says when that pressure it released there could be a big impact.

Swartz: My concern is, as we finally emerge from the Covid infectious disease disaster that for the first time many will be experiencing a sense of being overwhelmed, and be able to actually feel their depressive symptoms or anxiety symptoms. I have particular concerns for those who are on the front lines: first responders, healthcare workers, delivery teams and those keeping essential production moving, who have never really had rest during this long challenging period. Some may even experience PTSD because of traumatic experiences they had during this pandemic, working on the front lines.  :32

Swartz reminds those in these positions to pay attention to how they are feeling, as PTSD in particular responds well to intervention, and the sooner the better. At Johns Hopkins, I’m Elizabeth Tracey.