Are plant based meat substitutes a healthy diet choice? Elizabeth Tracey reports


Impossible burgers, made largely of soybeans, and other meat substitutes have been on the market for some time now, but are they any healthier than their animal product predecessors? Johns Hopkins dietician Jaclyn Rose says yes, these products do undergo a lot of modification but may still be good choices.

Rose: Being highly processed does not necessarily equate to bad. Plant based products yes, there is a level of processing that you need to undergo in order to turn a bean into a burger. In terms of convenience, some nutritional value, plant based products like a plant based burger or a plant based sausage patty, it does have a lot of fiber and it does have quite a bit of protein. They also fortify it with B vitamins there’s iron in it, there’s usually B12. I do recommend them more in moderation not so much for the nutrient levels but more so for the sodium levels.  :33

So read the label, Rose says. At Johns Hopkins, I’m Elizabeth Tracey.