Soy foods are fine additions to a plant based diet, Elizabeth Tracey reports


Foods that are derived from soybeans, like tofu, can be an important source of protein in a largely plant based diet. But some women worry about consuming them if they’ve had breast cancer, since these foods contain a form of the hormone estrogen, which is important in many types of breast cancer. Jaclyn Rose, a dietician at Johns Hopkins, says there’s no need to worry.

Rose: The American Cancer Society, major medical organizations, Sloan Kettering, M.D. Anderson, Dana Farber, they all agree that soy products can be safely consumed by individuals with breast cancer, and can be helpful for preventing or reducing breast cancer. it’s really about two servings a day of whole soy products, so that means tofu, tempe, edamame and soy milk, that’s what we consider to be whole soy products. Consumption of soy supplements is not currently recommended and not supported by research at this time.  :31

Rose says a plant based diet is known to be helpful in reducing cancer risk. At Johns Hopkins, I’m Elizabeth Tracey.