Even the healthcare system is structured to deemphasize humans, Elizabeth Tracey reports


Clinical practice guidelines attempt to standardize care for many diseases and conditions, yet in the process they remove humanity from the mix. Personomics, a term coined by Roy Ziegelstein, vice dean for education at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, is attempting to bring it back.

Ziegelstein: In the late 20th century there were actually penalties that were given to individuals and to medical centers if they deviated from those clinical practice guidelines, and in the 21st century I think we've really had this tension between recognizing that everyone is different, that there is individual variation that should actually guide our treatment of patients and at the same time this wealth of information from clinical practice guidelines many of which were formulated in the late 20th century.  :32

Ziegelstein says personomics needs to be integrated into the whole of medical knowledge to help someone best. At Johns Hopkins, I’m Elizabeth Tracey.