How did we get to a medical system that seems to devalue people? Elizabeth Tracey reports


 Interacting with our healthcare system can be dehumanizing, and we need to reemphasize humans as individuals. That’s according to Roy Ziegelstein, vice dean of education at John Hopkins School of Medicine, coining a term known as ‘personomics.’ Zeigelstein notes that this issue was exacerbated by medical research itself.

Ziegelstein: The 20th century especially the late 20th century was really about practicing medicine in a way that would treat every patient with the same disease as if they were the same person. This notion really arose from something called evidence based medicine, from large groups of individuals typically using randomized placebo-controlled trials came up with clinical practice guidelines that were supposed to guide how we treated people with the same condition. :33

Ziegelstein says personomics adds individuality back into the equation. At Johns Hopkins, I’m Elizabeth Tracey.