Existing therapies may help with cardiovascular kidney metabolic syndrome, Elizabeth Tracey reports


CKM syndrome, which stands for cardiovascular kidney metabolic syndrome, has just been described by the American Heart Association as something clinicians need to evaluate in their patients with conditions like obesity and diabetes. Chiadi Ndumele, chair of the heart association’s writing committee and a cardiologist at Johns Hopkins, says newer diabetes medications may help.

Ndumele: We also now have an additional increasing array of therapies that either affect the kidneys or affect metabolic risk factors or do both, so some of these newer therapies like SGLT two inhibitors and most recently GLP one receptor agonists that impact both and also reduce risk of heart disease. Thinking about this holistically there's a need to be thinking about chronic kidney disease as part of this construct.   :27

Ndumele says it’s worth asking your clinician about CKM if you have any features of the syndrome. At Johns Hopkins, I’m Elizabeth Tracey.