Just how big a risk is CKM syndrome? Elizabeth Tracey reports


Cardiovascular kidney metabolic syndrome, or CKM, is a holistic approach to integrating a number of conditions that work together to negatively impact health and longevity. That’s according to Chiadi Ndumele, a cardiologist at Johns Hopkins and head of the writing committee at the American Heart Association, which just described the syndrome. Ndumele says each condition alone shortens a person’s lifespan.

Ndumele: if you have severe obesity BMI like 40 to 45 you have about an 8 to 10 year reduction in survival, if you have diabetes like 13 or 14 years and if you're somebody who developed diabetes earlier then you have an even greater reduction in survival. if you have chronic kidney disease so stage 4 you actually have a greater than 20 year reduction in survival so dramatic, and the thing that they primarily died from is cardiovascular disease.  :27

Ndumele says heart and kidney disease together shorten lifespan the most, so assessing someone with risk factors for CKM is of critical importance. At Johns Hopkins, I’m Elizabeth Tracey.