Getting expert help in avoiding a second heart attack may be as close as your mobile phone, Elizabeth Tracey reports

July 6, 2021


If you’ve had a heart attack a new app that’s been developed at Johns Hopkins could help you avoid a second one by engaging you in your own care. Seth Martin, a cardiologist at Hopkins and one developer of this app, called ‘Corrie,’ explains.

Martin: Corrie is Cor is Latin for heart. And Corrie is a mobile health app that helps guide patients in a holistic way through their cardiovascular disease prevention. We built an interdisciplinary team here at Hopkins. Clinicians, patients, engineers, coming together to build Corrie. We partnered with Apple. Apple’s a key industry partner for us early on. They helped us make Corrie intuitive and easy for patients to use.  :27

Martin says early validation studies on Corrie have shown that patients begin using it even while they’re in the hospital recovering from a heart attack, and it helps them interact with the medical team taking care of them. He hopes Corrie will be available more widely soon. At Johns Hopkins, I’m Elizabeth Tracey.

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