Can an app called Corrie help you improve your cardiovascular health? Elizabeth Tracey reports


Patients are at the center of a new app to help people improve their cardiovascular health called Corrie. Corrie was developed at Johns Hopkins by Seth Martin, a cardiologist, and colleagues to help those who’ve had a heart attack implement the vast amount of existing medical knowledge to help them prevent a second one.

Martin: We have so much evidence in preventive cardiology about what works, healthy diet and exercise, evidence based medicines that make a real impact in our patient’s outcomes. One of the things that has just been published again and again and again about is, we have all this but we don’t use it well. We really need to start with the patients, interview patients, do human centered design. Understand the needs, work backwards from the needs to the technology to then develop a solution that truly meets those needs.  :29

Martin says in designing the app his team conducted interviews with patients who’d had a heart attack to hear directly from them what was lacking in their follow-up care and hopes the app will be widely available soon. At Johns Hopkins, I’m Elizabeth Tracey.