Have you considered lasers or other modalities to treat aging skin? Elizabeth Tracey reports


Lasers, which produce light at specific wavelengths, have been used for some time now to treat various aspects of skin aging since they can remove top layers of skin and stimulate the collagen underneath. Noori Kim, a dermatologist at Johns Hopkins, says if you’re considering laser treatment you may also want to look at ultrasound.

Kim: Ultrasound, it’s similar to fractionated lasers in terms of helping collagen remodeling and collagen production. Has a little more of a tightening effect, but also because it’s not light-based, it’s tolerated by a more diverse patient population as skin pigmentation is not as big an issue for these technologies. It’s also better tolerated for neck rejuvenation as well.  :24

Kim notes that ultrasound may be primarily considered for its effects on the collagen found in deeper layers of the skin, since it is known to stimulate new collagen formation. She says many areas of the skin that are somewhat loose may benefit with treatment. At Johns Hopkins, I’m Elizabeth Tracey.