How can we explain geographic differences in cancer mortality in Hispanic people in the US? Elizabeth Tracey reports


Liver cancer mortality appears to be increasing among Hispanic people in the United States, but there are geographic variations, a new study shows. Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center director William Nelson says these variations need to be understood better.

Nelson: The disparities in outcomes between the HIspanics and non Hispanics were greatest in the West. All kinds of things likely playing a role in this cancer incidence, you're more likely to get a cancer, you're more likely to die from it. Finances, are you able to secure the right treatment if you're diagnosed, whether you are using screening practices, maybe financial, insurance and propensity to have an advanced cancer stage at diagnosis, all this is rolled into how effective is the healthcare system that's serving Spanish speaking folks.   :32

Nelson says a closer look at both individual and social factors will allow development of effective interventions. At Johns Hopkins, I’m Elizabeth Tracey.