How can we protect children and teens from developing alcohol use disorder? Elizabeth Tracey reports


Children as young as 12 years of age may manifest alcohol use disorder, while the number of young people trying alcohol continues to grow, recent data indicate. Alcohol use disorder expert Denis Antoine at Johns Hopkins says if you’re the parent of a child about to enter their teens, getting to know their world is paramount.

Antoine: When you're starting to see more social interaction with peers it's a good time to understand what's going on in that day-to-day basis. Understanding what children and adolescents are going through is the best approach. If you come with the approach of you know this is alcohol stay away from drugs, we've had that experience in the 80s. Sometimes that doesn't sink in with the individuals you're trying to reach so I would advise at that age, adolescence and maybe a little bit younger just understanding what's going on and making sure they have good examples of what to follow, things that are healthy activities that will rival and really compete with their desire to want to drink in the first place.  :34

At Johns Hopkins, I’m Elizabeth Tracey.