What is the difference between high intensity and binge drinking? Elizabeth Tracey reports


As the holidays approach with their celebrations, alcohol frequently plays a prominent part. Denis Antoine, an alcohol use disorder expert at Johns Hopkins, says overuse may occur more often at these times, with binge drinking and high intensity drinking.

Antoine: High intensity drinking and binge drinking are similar in nature. Binge drinking if you wanted to quantify that for women it would be four or more drinks in about two hours and for men would be five or more drinks in about two hours.  High intensity drinking is a special type of binge drinking, where there's an occasion that comes up and often it would be a Thanksgiving or birthday New Years or something around congregations of people that you know and it's very identifiable and you understand what's going to be happening with that intensity but a specialized type of binge drinking.  :32

Antoine notes that both patterns may increase the risk of accidents or necessitate medical intervention if blood alcohol levels get too high and inhibit breathing. At Johns Hopkins, I’m Elizabeth Tracey.