How is personomics different than patient centered care? Elizabeth Tracey reports


Patient centered care emerged several years ago as an attempt to recognize patients as humans and care for them as such. Roy Ziegelstein, vice dean of education at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, says this initiative is different than personomics.

Ziegelstein: Patient centrered care really describes the type of care that is predicated on shared medical decision making, on understanding the healthcare goals of the patient, respecting their preferences, communicating in a compassionate manner, providing emotional support and collaborating and coordinating and making care accessible. Personomics is those things that make the individual patient unique, an individual’s unique life circumstances that influence disease susceptibility, the manifestation of disease and response to treatment.   :33

Ziegelstein says both are important and add to the most beneficial care for patients. At Johns Hopkins, I’m Elizabeth Tracey.