How might personomics be implemented in medical care? Elizabeth Tracey reports


Personomics is a word coined by Roy Ziegelstein, vice dean for education at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. Ziegelstein says there are very specific ways such an approach would directly impact the practice of medicine.

Ziegelstein: Taking into account factors that may impact the patient's condition, listening to and addressing the patient's health beliefs, concerns and preferences. If appropriate discussing the patient's need for psychological, social, spiritual and or financial support and importantly avoiding making assumptions. This is something and really I think most healthcare professionals learn or hopefully learn that we often make assumptions about patients that turn out to be wrong, and we really need to listen very carefully, ask open-ended questions to get to know our patients as individuals.    :33

Ziegelstein says personomics works alongside patient centered care and evidence based medicine to provide the most practical, integrative and humane approach to clinical care. At Johns Hopkins, I’m Elizabeth Tracey.