More young people are trying to stop vaping and failing, Elizabeth Tracey reports


Vaping and use of e-cigarettes has largely been a trend of youth since their introduction several years ago. Now new research shows that when young people attempt to stop using these products they are largely failing to do so. Michael Blaha, an anti-smoking advocate and cardiologist at Johns Hopkins, comments.

Blaha: It’s very interesting that the amount of unsuccessful quit attempts from nicotine have actually increased recently. That’s largely driven by people unsuccessfully trying to quit vaping, and we know very little about quitting vaping. There’s very few clinical guidelines, there’s no FDA approved medications per se, and there’s very little guidance for teachers or parents on how to talk to particularly young people about how to quit nicotine.  :29

Blaha says nicotine addiction is almost uniformly challenging to overcome, and there are no studies to inform the characteristics of the addiction in younger people versus those who’ve used nicotine for prolonged periods. At Johns Hopkins, I’m Elizabeth Tracey.