What do failed quit attempts tell us about vaping among young people? Elizabeth Tracey reports


While fewer young people seem to be taking up vaping, those who have are having a hard time quitting, recent research shows. Michael Blaha, an anti-smoking advocate and cardiologist at Johns Hopkins, says the very nature of the devices lend themselves to nicotine addiction.

Blaha: With the recent products on the market as far as vaping or e-cigarettes go, we’re seeing equivalent if not higher doses of nicotine being delivered, compared to traditional cigarettes, and that nicotine can be delivered sometimes even faster with modern e-cigarettes, and also the user can be in control of how much nicotine they get with many vaping delivery devices. So this is a whole new world of nicotine delivery. I think it does have a potential for greater nicotine addiction.  :26

The data come from the Monitoring the Future study, surveying 8th, 10th and 12th grade students from a national sample, and point to the need for more stringent policies regarding use of these devices by young people. At Johns Hopkins, I’m Elizabeth Tracey.