Now that the CDC has said vaccinated people can travel, should you? Elizabeth Tracey reports


If you’ve been fully vaccinated, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend that travel is low risk. Yet Aaron Milstone, a pediatric infectious diseases expert at Johns Hopkins, says those guidelines don’t apply to children.

Milstone: The CDC came out and has given people the green light to travel if they’ve been vaccinated. For many of us that doesn’t include our kids who are under the age of 16. The premise of traveling with your kids is people have this perception that kids are not going to get Covid and are not going to get sick from Covid. We know that’s not true. I’ve encouraged people, as they ponder traveling, which we all want to do, we’re all ready to get out, to remember that our kids are still susceptible, and although they aren’t as high risk as our grandparents there is risk.  :30 

Milstone notes that infection rates around the country are once again rising, and many younger people are becoming infected. He says keeping our children safe relies even more on masks and other measures until a vaccine for them becomes available. At Johns Hopkins, I’m Elizabeth Tracey.