Vaccine hesitancy appears to be declining in the US, Elizabeth Tracey reports


When people say they won’t get a Covid-19 vaccine, that’s called ‘vaccine hesitancy,’ and while one person’s individual decision not to be vaccinated may not seem like much, since we need the majority of people to get the shot to protect us all, recent data suggesting that that number is declining is good news. Michelle Patch, assistant professor at the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing, has been helping vaccination efforts in the region.

Patch: Understandably I think a lot of individuals from various backgrounds have had a bit of worry about this. It seems to have happened very quickly, and so is it safe? Is it right for me? We know that those behind the scenes at FDA, CDC, have an emergency use authorization but that does not preclude all of the safety checks that need to happen.  :28

Most estimates say only about 25% of people remain unwilling to get the vaccine. At Johns Hopkins, I’m Elizabeth Tracey.