October 23, 2017 – High Value Care


Anchor lead: Helping manage health care costs is something called ‘high value care,’ Elizabeth Tracey reports

Health care costs too much. That’s an inescapable fact, and one that may be helped by an approach called ‘high value care.’ Paul Rothman, dean and CEO of Johns Hopkins Medicine, describes the strategy.

Rothman: When we talk about value we talk about things we can do to restrain our expenditures on health care but either maintain the quality or improve the quality of care that we’re providing, so the old adage of doing more with less. That is the basis of what we call value in health care.  :18

At Johns Hopkins an integrated approach to care called ‘inHealth’ is leading the way.

Rothman: Precision medicine, which is our InHealth initiative here at Johns Hopkins, seeks to see if we can more precisely define subsets of disease, therefore better directing therapies to the patients who will really benefit from those specific therapies.  :18

Rothman notes that inHealth also helps people avoid treatments that won’t be beneficial but always come with side effects. At Johns Hopkins, I’m Elizabeth Tracey.