PodMed – Week of October 20, 2017

036507010-vaccineThis week’s topics include Medicare spending on frail elderly, resorbable stents, men with HPV, and procalcitonin to assess antibiotic need.
Program notes:
0:41 Looking at procalcitonin to determine antibiotic use
1:42 Improve or worsen survival
2:40 Point of care testing
2:54 Stents that resorb
3:52 First approved in Europe in 2011
4:50 Post marketing surveillance helpful
5:16 Men infected with HPV
6:17 Infection rate 11.5% in men
7:17 Should men self-identify?
7:35 Preventable spending in the Medicare population
8:35 Account for 50% of preventable cost
9:34 Things can be managed as outpatient
10:51 End
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