Parents can expect a range of emotions related to returning to school from their children, Elizabeth Tracey reports


Shutdown and transition to virtual school was tough on everyone, and now returning to school in person for many is also providing challenges. Jennifer Katzenstein, a child psychologist at Johns Hopkins, says this is all normal.

Katzenstein: (Jennifer) There’s a range of emotions as kids return to school, especially after virtual school for the length of time that they’ve been in virtual school. One of those may be relief, returning to the school setting, returning to their social interactions. But there also may be anxiety and worry, about returning to school with the demands of the school day. What I’m seeing, especially for our middle schoolers, is more uncertainty and anxiety, especially now that they’re changing classes. So for some of the kids going back to school is a big jump developmentally that can be causing anxiety and stress.  :29

Katzenstein says parents should try to be aware both of their children’s emotions as well as their own as we all accustom ourselves to the new routine. She advises seeking help if any issues seem to be worsening or if parents are feeling overwhelmed. At Johns Hopkins, I’m Elizabeth Tracey.