If you suspect your child might have Covid-19, when should you seek medical care? Elizabeth Tracey reports


Covid-19 infection can be frightening for anyone, and now that kids are back in school many parents are more worried than ever. Aaron Milstone, a pediatric infectious disease expert at Johns Hopkins, says if parents are worried about a child’s symptoms they should not hesitate to reach out.

Milstone: I know one of the common questions I get is about what should be that threshold for parents to seek attention and go to their doctor. And I always tell parents if you’re worried it’s always okay to check in with your doctor. I mean there’s no harm in calling, scheduling an appointment and getting checked out. This year when kids have symptoms it’s equally important to get tested, cause we really need to know if kids have COVID so we can appropriately keep them away from their family members and other students, to keep their community safe.  :26

Milstone reminds parents that they really know their own child best, so when parents feel concerned it’s worth following up. Early recognition and management of a worsening condition is more likely to resolve well. At Johns Hopkins, I’m Elizabeth Tracey.