PodMed – Week of August 17, 2015


This week’s topics include trans fats, testosterone supplements and atherosclerosis, frozen versus fresh oocytes, and cardiac troponin measurement in people with diabetes and cardiac risk.

Program notes:

0:35 Trans versus saturated fats
1:35 Trans fats increased risk for cardiovascular disease
2:35 Controlling more factors relative to heart disease
3:05 Testosterone supplements and atherosclerosis
4:07 Measured thickening of lining of carotid artery
5:12 Cardiac troponin, diabetes, and revascularization
6:15 About half the risk without elevation
7:14 Should prevent us from doing unnecessary procedures
8:18 Fresh versus frozen eggs in IVF
9:15 Live birth about 50% with fresh
10:32 End

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