PodMed – Week of August 24, 2015


This week’s topics include the impact of military parents on kids, a fat cell gene, liraglutide for obesity in type 2 diabetes, and e-cigarettes and smoking uptake in teenagers.

Program notes:

0:34 e-cigarettes and smoking in teens
1:42 Many more used combustible cigarettes
2:40 Risk taking and impulsive behavior
3:40 Some states make smoking age 21
4:00 A gene involved in obesity
5:01 Brown versus white fat
5:50 Liraglutide and obesity in type 2 diabetes
6:50 Twice as many in the liraglutide group lost weight
7:52 Impact of military service on children
8:58 Recent and lifetime substance abuse 50% higher
10:14 End

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