PodMed – Week of January 16, 2017


one young man runner jogger running jogging in silhouette isolated on white background

This week’s topics include alcohol abuse and CVD, gun violence in adolescents, social networks and gun violence, and weekend warriors.

Program notes:
0:34 Weekend warriors
1:34 Compared to sedentary, they did have a reduction in mortality
2:32 For those who can’t do daily
3:00 Is gun violence contagious?
4:00 Looked at relationships
5:00 Now we know there is social contagion
5:15 Adolescents and gun violence
6:15 All homicides in 13-20 year olds
7:15 Must change the entirety
7:27 Alcohol abuse and CVD
8:30 Much increased and almost the same as other risk factors
9:30 What quantity of alcohol use?
10:20 End
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