PodMed – Week of January 9, 2017


Yellow ear wax on a swab isolated over white

This week’s topics include managing earwax, metformin and other diseases, atypical antipsychotics in palliative care, and firearm purchase without a background check.

Program notes:

0:51 Managing ear wax
1:51 Industry relative to removal
2:53 Putting cotton swabs not good
3:31 Metformin use and comorbidities
4:31 Does metformin increase or decrease mortality?
5:34 Firearm purchase without background checks
6:35 Where and when firearms were purchased
7:37 33,000 deaths annually due to firearms
7:59 Atypical antipsychotics in palliative setting
9:00 Placebo, haloperidol, or risperidone
10:22 End

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