PodMed – Week of July 24, 2017


view of an aluminum can of sugar free soda

This week’s topics include early adulthood weight gain and outcomes, the dangers of artificial sweeteners, an opioid reduction strategy, and consequences of reduced readmissions.

Program notes:
0:33 Artificial sweeteners
1:33 Really not effective at reducing BMI
2:32 Best to avoid
2:42 Weight gain in mid-life
3:42 Dose dependent negative outcomes
4:42 Decreases risk for type 2 diabetes
5:08 Opioid tapering and cessation
6:10 If they decreased or ceased it decreased pain
7:10 Use of non-opioid analgesics
7:45 Readmissions and mortality
8:45 A priori would have predicted more death
9:35 May help with patient concerns
10:22 End
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