PodMed – Week of October 10, 2016


A yellow street warning sign for the Zika Virus. Vector EPS 10 available.

This week’s topics include Zika complications, hypothermia and in-hospital heart attack, long term heart attack survival and hospital performance, and ADHD medications and bone mineral density.

Program notes:
0:35 Hypothermia and heart attacks
1:33 About 6% treated with hypothermia
2:32 Outside hospital free radicals produced
3:11 Long term survival after heart attack and high performing hospitals
4:12 Seventeen years of follow up
5:12 Even among range of patients
5:32 Zika and Guillain Barre
6:32 Developed about 7 days post-symptom development
7:30 Does have some treatment implications
8:02 Bone mineral density and ADHD medications
9:02 Had DEXA scans
10:00 Smoking also decreases
10:48 End
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