PodMed – Week of October 17, 2016

Memory LossThis week’s topics include use of vitamins and supplements, detecting atrial fibrillation, calcium supplements and heart disease, and use of ventilators in people with advanced dementia.
Program notes:
0:35 Vitamins and supplements use
1:35 People continue to do so
2:35 It’s natural, it can’t hurt
2:47 Calcium supplementation and coronary artery disease
3:48 Tie to dietary calcium or supplements
4:46 Dosage for bone health safe
5:14 Atrial fibrillation detection with an app
6:15 Not known by some
7:12 Use of ventilators in those with advanced dementia
8:12 Use doubled but survival didn’t change
9:12 Lack of discussion propels
10:52 End
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