PodMed – Week of September 8, 2014


This week’s topics include a new drug for heart failure, ZMapp for Ebola, beta blockers in atrial fibrillation and heart failure, and flu vaccine in pregnant women with HIV.

Program notes:

0:33 ZMapp for Ebola
1:30 Mortality over 70%
2:32 Where medical care isn’t available
3:10 Flu vaccine in women who are pregnant and HIV positive
4:10 Group that was HIV infected and not
5:10 Pregnant women should get vaccinated
5:35 New class of medications for heart failure
6:35 In combination, a 20% reduction in death
7:14 Atrial fibrillation in heart failure and beta blockers
8:20 Beta blockers can be used but not preferentially
9:11 Weighing side effects per individual
9:47 End

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